Next gen connectors

With our knowledge and experience of generations, we design, build and maintain valuable connections in oil and gas transportation systems.
Valuable connections from tank to tanker and beyond: from hot to cold, from data to information, from engineering to welding and more.
Our products and services are created to maximise the performance of our clients. Their ambition is our ambition.


All round practical 3D engineering with a mechanical focus from loading arms to tanks in both brown and green field.


Integration of Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction (EPC/EPFC) with Maintenance/ Turnarounds is an unique value proposition. This will allow for unprecedented speed to build and totally unburdening the client of the headaches related to traditional project team transitions. An integrated approach is essential to reach operational excellence.


 With our highly skilled engineers and mechanics we manufacture specialised products in house in order to deliver the best possible quality and delivery time. Such as Pig Station, Filters, Skids, Tanks,  Loading arms, Heat Exchangers…


With a large group of specialized service technicians we ensure that your equipment such as pumps, coolers, exchangers and loading arms remain in top condition 24/7. And all related data from repairs and inspection is available for our customers online


One of our core values is to (re)develop new ways to operate terminals and factories. With a team of R&D professionals we invest in new human machine interfacing software, automating our own products and optimizing manufacturing. In order to develop the next generation industry.


We are all next gen connectors, driven by creating more innovative,
sustainable and high-performing systems.