Smart maintenance

Increasing the operational availability of storage tanks requires a solid know-how combined with a professional tank turn around approach. We strive to intensify collaborative contractor models including incentives and clear project management processes to gain value for both parties on a long term.

The wide range of services and related knowledge that our in-house tank team offers, ensure that our clients can count on a reliable, cost effective, transparent and a safe way of executing projects according to all applicable codes and standards.

Our tank services includes but not limited to:


    • All type of maintenance for atmospheric storage tanks
    • Upgrade recommendations: prioritizing repairs
    • Scope preparations for repair work
    • 3D laser scan measurements
    • AutoCAD engineered drawings
    • Tank foundation reinstatements
    • Jacking and relocation
    • Roof drain systems
    • Nozzles, manways and tank appurtenances
    • Floating roof conversions and replacements
    • Firefighting systems
    • Tank bottom and annular replacements
    • Tank shell repairs
    • Full service fabrication capabilities
    • Rain shields

Rainshields & Tank Maintenance

Turnarounds & Outages – Minimize downtime, Maximize performance

Turnaround processes are complex and multidisciplinary. Our turnaround professionals have international experience in plant turnarounds. For us, no project is too big or too small when it comes to the goal of consistent productivity, safety and reliability.

We plan, perform, or support several turnarounds, shutdowns, and outages annually for power generation, oil refining, chemical processing, metals, pulp and paper, and other industrial clients. Our in-depth expertise in turnaround management minimizes shutdown time and costs without compromising on safety and quality, while often improving asset performance by concurrently executing modification scopes.

Corné van de Reijt

Division Director Tankx

Mustafa Ibrisimovic

Operations Manager

Jacko de Vries

Director of Sales

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