EPC Tank Projects

The construction of above ground storage tanks is our business and are utilized in a wide range of industries, like oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage and agricultural. Starting to support our clients from conceptual engineering to optimize the business requirements with regards to scope, schedule and cost, Tankx will add value to the project with in-depth knowledge of tank construction and related interfaces with other disciplines.

We provide tank engineering and design, in-house fabrication and on site construction for above ground storage tanks. Tankx’ variety of construction methods are state-of-the-art in both process and safety and defined after a risk assessment.

Tankx provide extended services during all project stages from design to project delivery in a well streamlined work processes.  Our dedicated teams and partners are committed to deliver as promised, in a safe approach.

Corné van de Reijt

Division Directeur Tankx

Mustafa Ibrisimovic

Operations Manager

Jacko de Vries

Director of Sales

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