Embracing sustainability as our mission

‘’Creating the next gen industry.’’We aim to establish an industry propelled by sustainable energy, characterized by technology-driven and autonomous operations, free from work accidents, and empowering individuals in their pursuits.

CO2 performance ladder

The CO2 performance ladder serves as the sustainability framework, aiding both businesses and governmental entities in the reduction of carbon emissions and associated expenses.

The organization behind the CO2 performance ladder is the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement & Business (SKAO).

The framework was designed with the purpose of motivating companies involved in procurement bids to integrate a heightened awareness of CO2 into their internal processes and project execution. This emphasis is primarily centered around practices such as energy preservation, optimizing material usage, and adopting sustainable energy sources.

For more information about the CO2 performance ladder visit the website of the SKAO.

We acknowledge the significance of climate change and the influence it exerts on the environment, society, and economy.

As an organization where sustainability constitutes an integral aspect of the organization’s core values, we are actively implementing measures to decrease our CO2 emissions, extending our efforts beyond our offices to encompass projects.

Every 6 months, we assess the advancement of our emissions reduction goals. You can find this information in the communication updates regarding the CO2 Performance Ladder.

J. de Jonge actively participates in initiatives around CO2 reduction in the industry and beyond. Currently, this is the following initiative: Stichting Positieve Impact.

More information
Are you interested in learning more about our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions? Whether you have inquiries, want to share suggestions for enhancing our CO2 reduction strategy, or simply have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Sustainability Coordinator.