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Providing top quality and service since 1996.

We are HES Heat Exchanger Service, a leading provider of heat exchanger solutions. With over 25 years of experience, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and offering 24/7 service for all types of shell- and tube heat exchangers, airfin coolers, and pressure vessels. Our commitment to providing top-quality products and services has made us a trusted partner of our valued clients.

At HES, we take pride in our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards. Whether you need a customized solution or a standard product, our global supply network allows us to cater to clients worldwide.

One of our key strengths is our team of skilled intervention specialists. With  their technical expertise and commitment to safety, they efficiently address any issues. Our agile approach and round-the-clock service minimize downtime during shutdowns.

Our strengths

  • Highly skilled and dedicated specialists
  • Fast response, agile approach and (on-call) 24/7 service
  • Well-equipped 3500m2 factory with a.o. robotized expanding and (orbital) welding machines and other CNC CAD-controlled drilling, milling and welding machines.
  • Availability of off-shore and on-site intervention teams
  • Mobile workshop for on-site interventions


Quality Assurance and Safety are two aspects which require our attention at all times during the execution of your orders. Our company is ISO 9001, VCA and ASME certified.

Certified for

  • NEN-EN ISO 9001
  • VCA Petrochemical
  • ASME U-stamp
  • ASME R-stamp
  • ISO 3834-2

Our products

Air fin coolers

A device in which a fluid is cooled by ambient air; the fluid is separated from the air by finned tubes. Airfin cooling installations are a common piece of equipment in modern petrochemical, oil & gas facilities and power plants. Air is a clean, free, non-corrosive cooling material, which does not have to be treated. Moreover, air is an unlimited resource. Heat Exchanger Service specialises in the manufacturing of new installations in all available special materials. In addition, we have the expertise and all the necessary equipment to upgrade, overhaul and even re-tube large cooling installations.

Double pipe exchangers

In its simplest form, the double pipe heat exchanger, (also known as a concentric pipe, hairpin, jacked pipe and jacketed U-tube heat exchangers), consists of a single tube mounted inside another. One fluid flows in the inner pipe, while a second fluid flows in the outer pipe annuals. Heat Exchanger Service can supply a full range of services from thermal and mechanical design through to complete manufacture.

Shell & Tube exchangers

A device in which energy (heat) is transferred from a hot fluid to a colder fluid. The fluids are separated by a wall, and cannot mix. A heat exchanger is a relatively straightforward product in almost every industry. It is, however, not a piece of equipment to take for granted. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we have proven ability to improve the efficiency of any kind of heat exchanger dramatically. Our years of experience have provided us with specialised know-how, which plays a significant role when it comes to perfect advice. Whether you are an engineering consultant or an end user, we will gladly share our knowledge.

Tank Heaters

Heat Exchanger Service builds tank heaters for many different applications. We offer either the bundle by itself, or we offer the entire tank heater assembly which includes: the bundle, cast or fabrication head, and sleeve which the bundle slides into. We have very few limitations on length or diameter and can size your tank heaters to match your existing tank. Heat Exchanger Service also offers the same wide variety of materials for tubes and tubesheets that we offer for our tube bundles.

Pressure Vessels

This is a container for process fluid. Heat Exchanger Service knows pressure vessels and knows how to make them – from relatively small ones to really large ones. We build pressure vessels for clients in the chemical and petrochemical industry as well as for research institutes and power plants.

Design & Manufacturing

HES has all the disciplines and experience in house, imperative for the design and manufacturing of all types of Shell & Tube heat exchangers, airfin coolers and pressure vessels. We are able to run thermal ratings in order to size the exchangers, execute mechanical ratings with state of the art software according to the following design codes:

–  ASME VIII Div. 1 & 2
–  EN13445
–  PED 2014/68/EU
–  RToD (Dutch Boiler Code)
–  BS 5500
– API 660 / 661


Carbon steel

P355NL 1/NL2/NH
A-516 Gr.60/65/70
A-285 Gr.C
A-106 Gr.B
A-333 Gr. 6
A-334 Gr. 6
P355NH TC1

Low alloy steel

16 Mo3
12 CrMo19 5 V
13 CrMo 45
A-387 Gr. 5/11/12/21/22
A-182 F1/2/11/12/21/22

Non ferro

UNS C36500
UNS C43300
UNS C46400
UNS C68700
UNS C63000
UNS C70600
UNS C71500

Nickle based

UNS N08825
UNS N06625
UNS N06022
UNS N06455
UNS N08028
UNS N19276
UNS N04400
UNS S31803
UNS S32205
UNS S32750
UNS S32760
UNS S31254

Stainless steel

Tp 304(L)
Tp 316(L)
Tp 321
Tp 347
Tp 309(S)
Tp 310(S)
Tp 410(S)
Tp 904(L)


SB-338 Gr.1
SB-338 Gr.2
SB-338 Gr.7
SB-265 Gr.1
SB-265 Gr.1
SB-338 Gr.2


General capability of HES

Crane capacity: 60 tons, heavier on request
Diameter: From 100 up to 4000 mm
Welding capacity: From 5 up to 50 mm
Office: 1500 m2
Manufacturing area: 4000 m2

Vertical Lathe (CNC)

Maximun turning diameter: 5680 mm
Maximum workpiece weight: 35 tons

Center Lathe (CNC)

Maximum turning diameter: 1255 mm
Maximum workpiece weight: 10 tons

Machining centre (CNC)

X-axix: 9000 mm
Y-axix: 2500 mm
Z-axix: 1500 mm
Maximum workpiece weight: 25 tons

Portal milling machine (CNC)

X-axix: 3950 mm
Y-axix: 2150 mm
Z-axix: 700 mm
Maximum workpiece weight: 10.5 tons

Heat Exchanger Repairs

At HES, we understand the criticality of on-time delivery for plant shutdowns and well-repaired (parts of) Shell & Tube heat exchangers. With our state-of-the-art, big bundle sawing machine, capable of handling bundle diameters up to 2,100 mm, we significantly reduce re-tubing times.

Our dedicated team ensures that repairs are completed within the requested delivery time while meeting high-quality and safety standards. In cases where urgency is imperative, we offer round-the-clock periods to guarantee on-time equipment delivery.

Additionally, we offer the possibility to handle complete tasks, including the manufacturing, coating, and supply of materials. In case of unavailability, we can create the required components.

We provide comprehensive support to our clients

  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Experts in solution-oriented thinking
  • Excellent practician and extensive technical knowledge
  • We challenge our clients with suggestions for improvement
  • Design, manufacture and commissioning
  • 24/7 service
  • Specialized intervention teams
Jacko de Vries

Director Specialties

Marco Reijngoudt

Manager HES heat exchanger service

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