Meet our rain-shield specialist!

Introducing Hassan, our TankX foreman and expert Rain-shield® specialist at J. de Jonge. Since 2001, Hassan has been an integral part of our team and has progressed from support staff to foreman and Rain-shield specialist. With over 18 years of experience, he knows everything there is to know about TankX Rain-shields. The Rain-shield® is a prefab TCPP liner between the tank shell and foundation to prevent external corrosion of tank bottoms in an effective way.

‘’Hopefully, J. de Jonge will be my first and last employer until the end of my career.’’

When asked what the perks of his job were, he mentioned: “The freedom, the enormous trust, and the appreciation of our customers and my colleagues. I’ve learned something from my valued colleagues in every situation. I’m proud of that”.

‘’Personally, as a Rain-shield specialist and with testimonials from various specialists in the field as well as our clients, I have enormous confidence in our system.’’

According to him, a Rain-shield with a well-calculated ventilation system is crucial to prevent corrosion damages. He emphasizes that our Rain-shields are 100% waterproof and very effective against moisture and condensation, thanks to the highly effective ventilation system. Although not many companies offer (effective) Rain-shields, it has gained popularity. Our hallmark in the industry is integrity. Customers show enormous trust in our system and often consult our expertise, based on this we determine the best approach.

‘’After three decades, some development and refinement, we’ve achieved an outstanding product.’’ – MET Maintenance Manager

Patrick, maintenance manager at MET (Maatschap Europoort Terminal), who has been using TankX Rain-shields since 1990, shared his experience.“Now, we have governments, institutions, and other companies coming by to observe the Rain-shields. And we have learned some important lessons over the course of three decades. The two most significant ones were: Firstly, the initial material used was not resistant to sunlight. Secondly, we had to change the adhesive connection. Although the latter requires more labor, it has significantly enhanced the performance of the Rain-shields compared to the previous bitumen connection”.

“We definitely recommend the TankX Rain-shields®. Furthermore, we also want to acknowledge the excellent collaboration with Hassan, who is highly appreciated here”.

If you’re interested in learning more about TankX Rain-shields®, please contact Mustafa Ibrisimovic at

Lastly, we congratulate Hassan on his impressive career progression and expertise as the Rain-shield specialist at J. de Jonge TankX.