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BP Refinery Rotterdam

Client: BP Refinery Rotterdam
Date: 2006 – 2016
Contractor: JLS loading arm service BV
Quantity: 13 Woodfield marine loading arms
Sizes: 8-10 & 12”

BP Refinery Rotterdam

01. Our Process

JLS loading arm service are experts in loading arm overhaul and heavy lifting

In order to overhaul marine loading arms heavy lifting equipment is required as well as trained and skilled technicians to safely remove and re-install the multi-ton weighing loading arms from and on their jetties. Since the start of our activities, over 35 years ago, we have performed over 750 marine loading arm overhauls and modifications on a brand independent basis.


Port of Rotterdam

Business Unit

J. de Jonge Specialties

JLS loading arm service

02. Extra info

Modification of 13 pcs Woodfield Marine Loading Arms at BP Rotterdam

The BP Refinery Rotterdam owns 13 Woodfield loading arms built 1971 that all have been for overhaul and modification at JLS loading arm service during a 10 year program. Since these loading arm did not have removable elbows at the swivel joints the repair or a swivel leakage was almost impossible to perform at site. During the overhaul the arms we modified and executed with a new design swivel joint and removable elbows. Also all hinges, bearings and hydraulics on the loading arm has been exchanged by new and the entire loading arm has been blasted and painted according to the customer’s specification.