Meet Albert: Manager repair & service at HES😎

Introducing Albert, manager repair & service at HES, who possesses a profound passion for mechanics. “My car and motor have never set foot in a garage,” he proudly states. He even makes miniature heat exhangers himself.

‘’As a manager, my mission is to share knowledge and foster growth.’’

Albert’s primary objective is to share knowledge and foster growth. His journey began in 2004 as a floor supervisor, and over the course of nineteen remarkable years, he has witnessed personal, professional, and company development.

‘’ I never know, and I have no idea how the day starts.’’

💡 If you are wondering what a typical day holds for him. He never quite knows how it will unfold or where it will begin. ‘’The best part of my work is the endless variety, embracing technology, tackling technical challenges, and guiding others through the process. It’s an exhilarating experience that keeps me motivated and excited.’’

⚡ Are there challenges in the industry currently? Absolutely, but I hold a strong belief that everything can be solved. My secret weapons have always been persistence and a mindset focused on finding solutions.

One of the challenges is the decline in technical expertise. Attracting qualified employees has become a challenging task not only for us but also for our clients.

‘’Leadership for me means providing support and guidance without taking control away from others.’’

🤝 Leadership for me is not about standing above others and giving orders; it’s about working together as a team. I value open communication and empowerment.

🌍 Maintaining connections is crucial. We’re committed to fostering strong relationships, from loyal customers to new ones.

📚 The knowledge within our industry is gradually fading, and I’m determined to bridge the gap and preserve valuable expertise. For this reason, HES organizes a short course and a tour of the production facilities for clients and employees from other business units about our work and heat exchangers.

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