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Onshore maintenance

J. de Jonge specializes in the manufacturing of mechanical constructions and the construction of piping systems. We complete our assignments within the agreed delivery time and with the quality required. Naturally, in doing so, the requirements for safety, health and environment come first.

Ever since its establishment in 1954, the workshop takes a central place within the various divisions ofJ. de Jonge. Our expertise lies in making mechanical constructions and installations, (piggable) piping systems and all sorts of filters. The welding is obviously of high quality and in accordance with the EN287-1 HL045 standards.

One of the distinguishing features of our workshop is the ability to respond quickly to urgent (stop) work. Obviously, the delivery of quality and meeting the specific requirements of our clients always have our priority.


  • Microstep CNC Plasma cutting machine for pipe / plate /vessel head > CNC
  • Bandsawing machine 350 x 400 mm
  • Spotwelding machine 50 kVa
  • Bending machine pipe / profile
  • Bending machine plate 2500 x 15 mm > Pipe bending machine 2 inch
  • Pressbrakes 2500 mm – maximum width 10 mm Welding Process / Methods
  • Metal Inactive Gas (M.I.G.) > Metal Active Gas (M.A.G.)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc (G.T.A.W.)

Prefabrication options

In our factory we have various possibilities for the prefabrication of piping systems, skids, manifolds and other constructions in accordance with the current PED standards and guidelines regarding pressure equipment. Because of this, we work more efficiently on-site and you have less downtime.


Turnarounds & Outages – Minimize downtime, Maximize performance

Turnaround processes are complex and multidisciplinary. Our turnaround professionals have international experience in plant turnarounds. For us, no project is too big or too small when it comes to the goal of consistent productivity, safety and reliability.

We plan, perform, or support several turnarounds, shutdowns, and outages annually for power generation, oil refining, chemical processing, metals, pulp and paper, and other industrial clients. Our in-depth expertise in turnaround management minimizes shutdown time and costs without compromising on safety and quality, while often improving asset performance by concurrently executing modification scopes.


Offshore maintenance

While more and more offshore wind parks are installed and operated, maintenance on the wind turbines is required to maximise the energy yield from the fields.
The maintenance work comes in large varieties: from replacements to repairs.
Each maintenance operation requires its own specialist and specialised vessel.

Boiler &
furnace services

General information

“Inspection, repair or replacement? J. de Jonge Boiler Services offers all”

Boiler services is a relatively new division within the J. de Jonge group and is specialized in boiler repair and installation. From cylindrical boilers to exhaust gas boilers, from repair and/or replacement of diaphragm walls to the rolling of pipes and replacing or repairing pipes in furnaces, superheaters and economisers.
With an experienced team of boiler specialists onboard we have decades of experience in boiler servicing and the expertise you need to ensure that your boiler is in safe and efficient working order.

We offer a complete range of boiler servicing operations which include, inspections, service, conversions, repairs, upgrades, economisers and control systems and spare parts (for any brand). Because of our expertise and brand independent status we can service any marine vessel and industrial installation.

Edwin Koops

Division Director J. de Jonge Mechanical

Max Vooges

Unit Manager

Jacko de Vries

Commercial Director

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