A new era for family company

We proudly present the design of our new headquarters and climate-neutral production facility, featuring a harmonious design between office and production created by Roberto Meyer of MVSA Architects, renowned for Rotterdam Central Station and other notable projects. We are excited to share this enormous milestone with our (LinkedIn) community, employees, and clients.

After almost 70 years it is time for the next phase of our family business. Located in the port of Rotterdam this beautiful water-bound location covers a production area of 14.000m2, 6.000m2 of office space, a private harbor with 150 meters of quay, and a water depth of -6.50 NAP.

Our mission is to create the next generation sustainable industry. In our new forward-thinking production environment innovation and efficiency will be at the forefront of developing and constructing systems to support the energy transition. With more efficient automated production processes we can reduce CO2 emissions, significantly lower water and energy consumption. While prioritizing employee health and safety in our production as well as in usage at our customer’s location.

With a total of 30.000m2 terrain, a 40-meter high hall and direct access to a private quay we can adapt to changing market demands. Our futuristic production environment will bring together engineering and production to build the first European Hydrogen and LNG loading systems, maintain offshore platforms and inland vessels, prefabricate storage tanks, pipeline bridges, piping, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and offer exceptional service for the maintenance of loading arms and pumps.

In conclusion, our family business in the port of Rotterdam has found a unique, sustainable location for the future.

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